Timahoe Church and Graveyard

timahoe-church2The Graveyard is still in existence and was restored some years ago by this Society. In the Graveyard, there is part of the original wall of the Church. It is still in good condition considering its age. On the opposite side of “The Street” is the Castlefield. This was the site of the Fitzgerald Castle. A Tunnel exists from the Castlefield to the Timahoe Cross (not available for exploration) and it is said that it served as an escape route.

Down on the road to the west at the junction stands Kelly’s Pub. This was known for many decades as Brady’s of Timahoe. The Public House was operating in the late 1800’s. Near the Graveyard is the Kianog Naofa National School. It was built in 1886 it is called after one of Mochua’s Disciples. Prior to the Building of this School, the Original School was up towards Hodgestown.


Quaker Burial Ground

IMG_3328The Quakers arrived in Timahoe mostly from Northern Ireland in 1704. They remained in the Area for approx. 100 years. They were an industrious group and from their farms provided all the necessary provisions to make their settlement self-sufficient. They held leases on a substantial acreage of lands in the townlands of Timahoe, Hodgestown and Giltown. They had their own Burial Ground and Meeting House. However the Meeting House was maliciously burned down in 1739.

Unfortunately the gravestones were all removed over the years and some are said to have been used as door flag stones, hearthstones and window or door heads. We now only have the names of the families whose loved ones are interred here. Timahoe House is a Quaker house and is still structurally very much the same as it in their time. The site of the Quaker’s Windmill is at the top of Hodgestown Hill and across the road stands the ruins of a house reputedly owned by them.

Richard Nixon, The President of the United States of America’s ancestors emigrated from Timahoe in 1729. Nixon visited Timahoe in 1970 and The Nixon Memorial was erected in the Quaker Burial Ground.


St. Benignus Church

st-benignus-churchSt. Benignus Church, Staplestown is one of the oldest in the Diocese dating from the 18th Century. A Gothic Styled Building with T-3 Galleries.





The Old School in Staplestown

staplestown-old-schoolThe Old School stands alongside the Church and is now used as a Community Hall.






Donadea Castle

donadea-castleDonadea Castle was the seat of the Alymer Family and stands now in ruins amid the beautiful forestry walks that are so popular with thousands of people who visit each year. There is a “9-11” Monument in the Grounds of the Castle paying tribute to all the Emergency Services Personnel who perished in the Twin Towers Attack in New York.



Saint Peter ’s Church of Ireland

st-peters-churchThis quite close to the Castle and is still in use and in very good condition.





Coill Dubh

coill-dubh3 kilometres away, Bord Na Mona (Turf Board) built a village called Coill Dubh in the townlands of Blackwood in 1952. This was to house its’ workers.




Ballinafagh Lake

Ballinafagh Lake, Co. Kildare. This lake is the feeder to the Grand Canal which connects the East of Ireland to the River Shannon. This lake is located only a short distance from Staplestown. It proved to be a safe landing for an amphibious airplane which was in trouble in 1930. It is now an area of special conservation.


The Coolcarrigan Estate and Gardens

coolcarrigan-estateAdjoining Timahoe School is The Coolcarrigan Estate owned by Robert Wilson-Wright. The Estate extends to over 2000 acres. It came into the ownership of the Wilson- Wright families in 1835 and is now in its sixth generation. The Estate is farmed intensively and they have Gardens that cover 15 acres of the most unusual and beautiful shrubs, flowers, and trees. They are open to the public at various times.


Coolcarrigan Church

coolcarrigan-churchThe church was founded in 1881 and consecrated as a Church of Ireland church in 1885 by Archbishop Lord Plunkett.